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I have created a walkthrough so that you can use just 6 DAX formula to develop data extracted from your social media accounts into a metrics dashboard like that below, whether that be LinkedIn, Twitter, blog accounts or your own website.

Sample Fictional Data from LinkedIn Corporate Account
LinkedIn Metrics Dashboard developed in Power BI

A Youtube video of this walkthrough is linked here. Some of you may have come here after viewing it – thanks, and welcome! I will get down to what you came here for…

6 Key Metric DAX Formula

From the video, you will see that I used six key DAX expressions or formula again and again to create a comprehensive set of metrics to allow you to develop the dashboard. Here they are in order of development.


Total LinkedIn New Followers = 
SUM(LinkedIn_Data[LinkedIn New Followers])

You can use SUMX in lieu of SUM if you wish here, noting you will need to provide a table and expression in lieu of a column.

Year to Date (YTD)

LinkedIn New Followers YTD = 
    [Total LinkedIn New Followers],

Latest Month (MTD)

LinkedIn New Followers This Month = 
    [Total LinkedIn New Followers],

Previous Month

LinkedIn Followers Previous Month = 
    SUM(LinkedIn_Data[LinkedIn New Followers])

Month Over Month Difference

LinkedIn Followers Diff MoM = 
VAR CurrentS = Sum(LinkedIn_Data[LinkedIn New Followers])
VAR PreviousS = [LinkedIn Followers Previous Month]
VAR Result = CurrentS - PreviousS

Month Over Month % Growth

LinkedIn Followers MoM Growth % = 
    [LinkedIn Followers Diff MoM],
    [LinkedIn Followers Previous Month]

Bonus – Last Date

One simple bonus DAX formula that will extract the latest date in your date table. This is useful for title blocks and banners in you reports and dashs, as it will automatically update when you add your monthly data.

Latest Date = 

Resulting Data

Once I have developed a set of calculations, I like to test them in a matrix to make sure they have the desired outcome. This is what I have done below. You can then be confident that the cards and visuals you create accurately reflect your data set.

Resulting DAX calculations with verification table showing outcomes

Comments and Feedback

If you have any comments, feedback, or requests, please let me know below or leave a comment on my Youtube channel.



4 thoughts on “Social Media Dashboard – Power BI

  1. Thank you for posting this. I am new to PowerBi and I am transitioning into the Data Analysis Field. I am grateful for your posts on this subject and appreciate your time helping others. You Rock!!!!


    • Thanks Shayne, I appreciate the feedback. Let me know if there are topics or types of dashboard you would be interested in, and I will see if I can incorporate them into future blogs and videos👍


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